WaveOne GOLD

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    WaveOne GOLD is the new generation of reciprocating file developed by DENTSPLY in collaboration with four endodontic key opinion leaders; Dr Sergio Kuttler (USA), Dr Wilhelm Pertot (France), Dr Clifford J. Ruddle (USA) and Dr Julian Webber (UK).


    WaveOne GOLD keeps the same philosophy of simplicity as the first generation of WaveOne, with strong additional benefits that provide an enhanced level of confidence when shaping canals.


    purchase WaveOne GOLD at dentsplyrewards.co.uk


    The lastest reciprocating technology - watch the film

    Shaping the canal with confidence

    Purchase WaveOne GOLD at dentsplyrewards.co.uk 

    With WaveOne GOLD, the majority of cases (about 80%) can be treated with one single file to perform the shaping of the canal. Both the extended size range (Small, Primary, Medium, Large) as well as the GOLD technology enable a wider range of canal morphologies to be treated.

    The safety is also greatly reinforced thanks to this GOLD technology which has boosted the cyclical fatigue resistance and reduced the screwing effect.

    Finally, WaveOne GOLD’s design has also been optimized to increase cutting efficiency. This shortest the shaping time compared to WaveOne and other standard NiTi rotary systems, leaving more time for irrigation.

    Overall WaveOne GOLD will provide an unprecedented level of confidence when performing a root canal treatment.

    Purchase WaveOne GOLD at dentsplyrewards.co.uk

    A complete solution

    Purchase WaveOne GOLD at dentsplyrewards.co.uk

    The WaveOne GOLD NiTi files are part of a comprehensive treatment solution: gutta percha points, paper points and heated Obturation are specifically provided along with WaveOne GOLD files.

    For the first time, variable tapered gutta-percha points are specially molded to fit your canal prepared with WaveOne GOLD files.

    WaveOne GOLD’s reciprocating motion is identical to WaveOne, which enables the user to use this new system with the same motor settings. 

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    Purchase WaveOne GOLD at dentsplyrewards.co.uk 

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    Learn more from Dr Julian Webber in an online webinar, 29th April 2015

    The use of NiTi instruments has changed forever the way we prepare our canals. However, many colleagues are reluctant to embrace the technology for reasons of procedural complexity, the range of instruments  required and therefore cost.  This webinar will demonstrate the how simplicity and treatment success can be achieved with a single file system and dispel many of these concerns.

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