EZ-Mount (Grey)


    Classic open window film mounts provide excellent contrast for viewing, safely store your radiographs, and films load easily. This open-window style mount has been the standard since 1923. Sturdy construction. Reusable paperboard accepts any pen or pencil. Imprinting looks especially sharp on EZ-Mounts.

    Pack Details

    EZ Mount grey paperboard mounts
    Mount 2H#2 (1 x 100)   Order Code: R100119
    Mount Eezee 8H 4BW#2 8V #1   Order Code: R100128
    Mount Eezee 2H#3   Order Code: R100131
    Mount Eezee 4H#2 (2/2)   Order Code: R100141
    Mount Eezee 4H#2   Order Code: R100142
    Mount Eezee 6H#2   Order Code: R100144
    Mount Eezee 8H#2   Order Code: R100156