Duomix II


    Offered in partnership with Renfert GmbH, the Duomix II dynamic mixing machine offers:

    • Fast extrusion speed on the market with an average of 46mm/sec
    • Turbo button for doubled speed mixing of Aquasil Ultra Monophase and Heavy providing superb consistency of the REALITY 5-star rated impression material
    • Steady extrusion rate, even for highly viscous materials
    • Optimised cartridge bed for even more convenient handling




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    Duomix II Mounting Plate/Wall Support Order now 276100100

    Duomix II, 240V                               Order now 2761002000                             


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    "Repeatable predictability in impressioning is not only possible, but can be easily achieved with a fundamental knowledge of the materials that a clinician chooses and an understanding of basic clinical procedures."

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    • Essential Elements in Achieving the Ideal Impression 
    • Dr. Alan Boghosian
    • 1 hour verifibale CPD


    "This online presentation, by Dr. Alan Boghosian, will explain the clinical benefits of polyether and silicone based impression materials. A discussion of what tray material used in various tray types will ensure a result that is free from distortion. Timing is more critical in impressioning than in any other clinical procedure. This issue will be thoroughly examined in terms of the complexity of the clinical case. While hydrophilicity is important, it is of value only when the intra-oral surfaces can benefit from this property. To be covered will be the means to pre-treat the surfaces to achieve void free impressions; even deeply subgingival. While implant impressions are somewhat similar to crown and bridge impressions, certain unique factors must be considered to achieve a successful result. The unique aspects of implant impressioning will be presented."

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