Citanest 3% with Octapressin

    (prilocaine hydrochloride and Octapressin corresponding to felypressin)


    Citanest is unique. It is adrenaline free and the only local anaesthetic that uses Felypressin as a vasoconstrictor to maintain anaesthetic in the desired area. Citanest  is compatible with patient medications where plain and adrenaline containing solutions are not, and avoids the cardiovascular effects of adrenaline. It is also available in self aspirating cartridges.


    Citanest contains prilocaine, which is 40% less toxic than lidocaine yet still provides the depth and duration demanded by routine dental procedures  [1] Handbook of Local Anaesthetic, Stanley F. Malamed (5th edition).



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    Citanest 3% Self Aspirating 

    2.2ml Cartridge    Order now    Ref: 188   
    Citanest 3% Standard 2.2ml Cartridge Order now Ref: 185


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    Local Anaesthesia for the 21st century - free CPD presentation

    DENTSPLY Academy supports you with a programme of continuing education to keep you up to date with all the latest advances and techniques.

    In this online presentation  Dr Nigel Robb aims to provide an update on the safe and effective use of local anaesthesia in the practise of dentistry, including the indications for the use of different types of local anaesthetic. Newer delivery systems will be discussed along with techniques that can be delivered with these systems. 2 hours verifibale CPD can be claimed for this activity.

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    Vasoconstrictors in dental local anaesthetic

    John Meechan is senior lecturer and honary consultant in Oral Surgery at Newcastle University. In this article, he explains the different types of local anaesthetic solutions available to you.

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    Title Description Date
    Local Anaesthetic Armamentarium pdf 26/09/2011
    Citanest 3% PIL 28/02/2011
    Citanest 3% SPC SPC 06/12/2010
    CITANEST® 3% WITH OCTAPRESSIN® DENTAL: Prilocaine Hydrochloride, Octapressin (felypressin). PRESENTATION: Sterile clear aqueous solution containing prilocaine hydrochloride 30mg/ml and Octapressin (felypressin) 0.03 i.u./ml. USES: Dental infiltration anaesthesia and all dental nerve block techniques. DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION: Usual adult dose is 1–5ml. Children under 10 years 1–2ml. A dose of 10ml (5 cartridges) should not be exceeded. Elderly or debilitated patients require smaller doses. CONTRA-INDICATIONS, PRECAUTIONS, WARNINGS ETC: Contra-indications: Hypersensitivity to amide anaesthetics or any other of the solution’s components. Anaemia, congenital or acquired methaemoglobinaemia. Precautions: Caution must be taken to avoid accidental i.v. injection as it may give rise to rapid onset of toxicity. Use cautiously in the elderly, patients with epilepsy, severe or untreated hypertension, severe heart disease, impaired cardiac conduction or respiratory function, liver or kidney damage or poor health, if high blood levels are anticipated. Avoid injection if site is inflamed. Facilities for resuscitation should be available. Side effects: Extremely rare in dental practice and usually the result of excessive blood concentrations. Nervousness, dizziness, blurred vision, tremors, drowsiness, convulsions, unconsciousness, hypotension, myocardial depression, bradycardia and possibly respiratory or cardiac arrest. Allergic reactions. Methaemoglobinaemia; consider giving 1% methylene blue i.v. 1mg/kg over 5 minutes. Pregnancy: Use in caution during early pregnancy. Prilocaine enters mothers milk with no general risk at recommended doses. Interactions: With sulphonamides e.g. cotrimoxazole. Vasopressor properties of Octapressin should be considered. Observe caution when concomitant use with other amide-type local anaesthetics. PHARMACEUTICAL PRECAUTIONS: Store below 25ºC. PACKAGE QUANTITIES: Box of 100 cartridges £20.99. LEGAL CATEGORY: POM. PRODUCT LICENCE NUMBER: 04690/0028. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT THE PRODUCT LICENCE HOLDER: DENTSPLY Limited, Building 1, Aviator Park, Station Road, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 2PG

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