Cavitron SofTip Implant Insert

    As the popularity of dental implants has grown, customers have requested an implant insert to join the already well-established line of Cavitron™ inserts.  Therefore DENTSPLY UK are proud to introduce the Cavitron™ SofTip™ Implant Insert.

     Cavitron SofTip 30K  

    Clinical Foundation

    It is important for the abutment and surrounding structures of an implant to be free from calculus,

    deposits and biofilm for proper osseointegration – incorporation of the implant with the bone and

    attachment of the epithelium.  Many dental implants fail due to the build up of mineralised deposits

    and the presence of infection of the surrounding tissues causing perio-implantitis.  The SofTip              

    implant insert helps to remove calculus and deposits thus aiding in the implementation of the

    implant for improved patient oral health.     

    Dental Implant   

    The Insert

    The special Insert is based on the existing Cavitron™ TFI insert however, has been modified to

    allow the disposable SofTip™ to be placed on the tip.  The Thru-Flow lavage delivery system

    enables flushing of debris for improved visibility, without compromising the attachment of the                

    disposable tip.      


    The disposable SofTips and Tip Tool



    The SofTip™s are single-use use items which should be disposed of after each patient. 

    They are easily attached and removed from the insert with the use of the Tip Tool (wrench)

    allowing a quick turnaround between patients.  Please note the SofTips will only fit securely

    and safely on the special Implant insert and when attached using the Tip Tool (wrench).


    The Cavitron SofTip Ultrasonic Implant Insert is compatible with any 30K Cavitron ultrasonic system.

          Tip Tool (Wrench)
    Feature Benefit

    Safely and effectively removes calculus, plaque, and biofilm around titanium implants and abutments

    Improved osseointegration and potential for less implant failure

    Ultrasonic technology Cavitation effect to facilitate improved cleaning effectiveness
    Thru-Flow water delivery system Lavage delivery appropriate for function and will not affect SofTip attachment
    Disposable SofTip  Improved infection control
    Cavitron history of quality and excellence in ultrasonics applied to implants Practice can trust that the insert will be safe, effective, and backed by Cavitron


    • The Cavitron SofTip Ultrasonic Implant Insert is only to be used with a SofTip  Disposable Prophy Tip installed and is only designed for use with Cavitron Ultrasonic Scalers at a LOW power setting (BlueZone™).
    • SofTip Disposable Prophy Tip is not designed for primary, hard calculus removal during routine prophylaxis.

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