A 4 millimetre depth of cure in 10 seconds!

    Fast, durable and simple. These three words sum up our posterior composite, QuiXfil™.

    Fast - QuiXfil's speed and ease of placement is derived from the ability to place 4mm increments and cure each 4mm increment in 10 seconds. Dentists conducting the product trials reported an average of a 50% time saving with QuiXfil™, when compared to their usual composite. The extremely low shrinkage rate of 1.7% reduces the risk of compromised marginal integrity, even with such a high depth of cure.

    Durable - QuiXfil™ is a dedicated posterior composite offering extremely high durability and fracture toughness. With one of the lowest wear rates on the market. QuiXfil™ is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Thanks to PFC (Precise Filler Control) technology, a filler loading of 66% by volume and 86% by weight has been achieved. The remarkable thing is that, even with such a high filler loading, QuiXfil™ is still easily extruded from the compule delivery system.

    Simple - QuiXfil™ was designed merely to look better than amalgam and to be invisible at a conversational distance. QuiXfil™ is available in one universal shade that demonstrates a remarkable chameleon effect, blending into the tooth structure around it. Added to the simplicity of shading is the handling of the product. Being non-sticky and easy to sculpt, QuiXfil™ is a pleasure to use and ensures easy placement of the composite. Combining speed, durability and simplicity with a very competitive price, QuiXfil™ looks set for a very successful future in posterior restorations.


    Click here for directions for use and material safety data sheets.

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