Diabolo Head

    Useful for initial opening and contouring of cavity preparations and for mechanical retentions/undercuts. Longer head length allows shaping of walls and floors for deeper preparations.

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    DDB-60730020.jpg  DDB-60730053.jpg  DDB-60730021.jpg

    DENTSPLY Diamond bur 032/010  

    IDENTSPLY Diamond bur 032/012  

    DENTSPLY Diamond bur 032/016

    Medium Grit (60730020) Medium Grit (60730053) Medium Grit (60730021)
    Head Diameter 1.0mm Head Diameter 1.2mm Head Diameter 1.6mm
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    Wheel Head

    Smaller sizes are useful for creating retention/undercuts. Larger sizes and effective for gross reduction of occlusal and lingual surfaces.

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    Dentsply Diamond bur 068-042
    DENTSPLY Diamond bur 068/042
    Medium Grit (60730006)
    Head Diameter 4.2mm
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    Tapered Point Head

    The shaped end of these diamonds allows delicate interproximal cutting. Effective on buccal and lingual surfaces in breaking contact between anteriors.

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    DENTSPLY Diamond bur 166/014

    Medium Grit (60730127)
    Head Diameter 1.4mm
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