SDR Smart Dentine Replacement

    SDR® is the revolutionary way to save you time as it makes posterior direct restorations less cumbersome for the clinician.

    The first bulk-fill flowable composite base material

    • Bulk-fill in 4mm increments due to 60% reduction in shrinkage stress versus other composites
    • Up to 40% time-saving over conventional layering composites
    • Easy placement with the compula tip
    • 1 universal shade
    • Significantly reduced risk of post-op sensitivity due to excellent internal cavity adaptation and no void/air bubbles
    • Long-term restorations and very low incidence of microleakage
    • Capped with any universal composite


    Keep it simple, make it SDR

    Up to 40% time-saving versus conventional layering techniques.

    If you use or have used DENTSPLY’s Dycal or Kalzinol products in the past you are sure to be interested in SDR (Smart Dentine Replacement) which can be bulk filled in 4mm and eliminates the need for a separate liner.




    Bulk-fill in 4mm increments

    The unique patented formulation of SDR leads to controlled polymerisation. A modulator is included, helping the monomers to form a more relaxed network. This reduces the effect of volume shrinkage, therefore resulting in less shrinkage stress (force). This enables SDR to be placed in 4mm increments avoiding the cumbersome and time-consuming layering technique.

    Chemically compatable with methacrylate based adhesives and bonds - aesthetics determined by the capping composite.




    Excellent cavity adaption and reduced post-operative sensitivity

    SDR's flowable viscosity provides ideal self-leveling properties, which gives simple and effective placement of Class I and Class II properties.



    Simplify the application procedure and maintain high quality

    Ceram.X mono+ is the ideal capping composite. Find out more


    A prospective long-term study conducted by dental experts Professors JWV Van Dijjen (Umea, Sweden) and U. Pallesen (Copenhagen, Denmark) concluded that the bulk filling technique with SDR makes the (restorative) process much more efficient; increasing the safety of the procedure and shortening the time required for the posterior restoration. "This is exactly what is needed to perform modern dentistry: materials like SDR that simplify the application procedure and maintain the high quality of the restoration at the same time."

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    Uncompromising reliability confirmed clinically after three years

    The SDR filling technique has been tested successfully in clinical practice for more than 36 months. The 36-month data from a prospective clinical study by Burgess J., Munoz C. (2012) is summarised as

    • unsurpassed simplification of the restoration of posterior teeth
    • no postoperative sensitivity, adverse gingival reactions or recurrent caries
    • no interproximal wear of class II restorations was demonstrated
    • no restorations were lost to SDR failure

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    SDR simplifies the procedure for placing adhesive posterior composite fillings. This is the conclusion of a recent survey among 1319 dentists. Unlike conventional flowables, a large majority of users asserted that SDR offers major advantages in the restoration of posterior cavities.

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    "Being able to cure up to 4mm is a great advantage of SDR and makes life easy and treatment quicker. It's simple to finish off with a composite filling material to ensure an aesthetically pleasing result."

    - Dr C Slabbert  

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    The Dental Advisor 


    SDR Dental Avisor 

    SDR has been awarded the top rating and Top Composite- Bulk Fill Base in 2012 and 2013 by THE DENTAL ADVISOR. Additionally, DENTSPLY’s unique bulk fill composite base material for posterior restorationsalso received the "2012 Clinical Problem Solver" award from the renowned test institute.

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    SDR application technique


    SDR Technique

    1. Apply acid conditioner followed by adhesive or self-etching adhesive. Light cure.

    2. Increments up to 4mm.  2mm short of the cavosurface margin.

    3. Light cure 4mm increments.  *Light output ≥ 550mW/cm².

    4. Final 2mm layer with composite restorative.


    Experience the benefits of SDR for yourself with a demonstration and free sample of our bulk-fill composite. 

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    Learn more and gain verifiable CPD

    Dr Ian Cline presentation

    This wide-ranging overview, illustrated with many clinical cases, covers: • Understanding the natural tooth and shade selection • Applied material science, which composite and where? • Why and how to use multi-opacity composites • What Armamentarium is required • Diastema closures, from small to large • The “Dahl approach” for management of toothwear • AWC (Alignment, Whitening & Composite) vs The “Traditional” Porcelain Smile Makeover

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    Dr Martin Goldstein presentation

    During this presentation Dr. Martin Goldstein discusses how the placement of posterior composite restorations has been turned upside down with the development of a bulk-fill flowable base material, with a special emphasis on greater efficiency and speed.The presentation will demonstrate composite restoration of a quadrant and at the same time discuss strategy for sequencing the restorations as well as the materials and methods applied to the conversion.

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    Dr Louis MacKenzie presentation

    The latest restorative filling materials for posterior teeth are discussed in this presentation. There is special focus on the circumferential matrix system Automatrix and the sectional matrix system Palodent Plus

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