ProTaper Next™

    ProTaper Next

    Just two files even for complex canal shaping*

    • Introducing increased versatility and simplicity to the ProTaper range.
    • One torque setting, one speed setting and only two files per treatment*.
    • Two files that give predictable shapes for irrigation every time, without compromise.


    ProTaper Next will tackle nearly all of your treatable root canals, even the complex ones. The key evolution being the swaggering movement of the file and our strengthened NiTi, M-Wire. 


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     *The majority of root canals have a size below 025 (Marroquin et al,2004)

    Swaggering movement

    ProTaper Next has a patented, off-centred, rectangular cross section giving the files a unique, snake-like swaggering movement. This improved action creates an enlarged space for debris removal, optimises the canal tracking and reduces binding.


    ProTaper Next

    Swaggering action reduces binding and improves debris removal

    • Faster shaping – more irrigation time
    • M-wire technology enhances file flexibility
    • Continuous rotation


    ProTaper Next               ProTaper Next 

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    ProTaper Next, swaggering movement

    ProTaper Next

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