DENTSPLY's flowable composite, X-Flow™ has ushered in a new era of flowable restorative materials.

    X-Flow combines excellent physical properties with an innovative and unique delivery system.

    X-Flow is indicated for minimal invasive restorations, cavity lining, and repair of direct and indirect restorations. It combines excellent flow behaviour with being the hardest wearing flowable composite on the market. In addition to the excellent physical properties, X-Flow is contained in a new, unique delivery system called a compula.

    The compula is a combination of a compule and a cannula and offers the convenience of the compule with the accurate placement of a cannula. The long, thin metal tip provides the precision needed for direct application of X-Flow to deep and hard-to-reach areas or cavities. This unique delivery system makes X-Flow an ideal product for minimally invasive dentistry.

    X-Flow is a universal partner for diverse light cure materials and can therefore be used either as a liner with any composite, compomer or ormocer. This flexibility is invaluable when a flowable composite is required to repair existing restorations.

    To summarise, X-Flow offers easy and accurate placement, a smooth flow without flowing over the cavity margins and easy finishing. Add to this the fact that it is a universal partner to almost all light-cured composites and compomers and you have a unique and highly flexible flowable composite.



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    Must X-Flow be kept in the fridge?
    What are the contra-indications for X flow?

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