Xeno V+

    One-Component Self-Etching dental adhesive which can be stored in a closed CliXdish for up to 30 minutes.


    Features Benefits
    • High bond strengths to enamel and dentine                        
    Durable restorations                        
    • 82% seal of dentine in class V
    Maintains marginal integrity of restoration                        
    • Mix, etch, prime, all in one-step
    Fast and simple procedure, saves time      
    • One-bottle, therefore no mixing                        
    Less material waste, cost-effective
    • Low evaporation due to t-butanol/water solvent                        
    Prolonged working time                        
    • Use out of a closed CliXdish (TM) for up to 30 mins after dispensing                        
    Saves valuable refrigerator space                                            
    • No refrigeration required - store it where you need it by your chairside                        
    • Semi-transparent bottle
    Visual control of content


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