The pink FLIP-RAY PA quickly changes from Posterior to Anterior. The adjustable ring and media holder easily flip orientations to change quadrants fast.

    The RINN FLIP-RAY Universal Film & Phosphor Plate paralleling system is designed to simplify the radiographic procedure.

    The unique system allows easily changing from horizontal to vertical orientation so you don’t have to spend time looking for multiple biteblocks.

    • One holder for horizontal and vertical periapicals
    • Accommodates size 0, 1, and 2 film and phosphor plates
    • Lightweight plastic construction is steam autoclavable at up to 270°F
    • Posterior/Anterior version available with Adult or smaller,
    • Pedo-sized biteblock
    • Soft overmolding on biteblock for patient comfort and improved grip to phosphor plates


    flipray-r552602.jpg red-flipray-r552603-bw_targetview.JPG 
     XCP Rinn Flip-Ray PA  XCP Rinn Flip-Ray BW