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    DENTSPLY Academy supports dental professionals with a programme of continuing education to keep them up to date with all the latest advances and techniques. Our education programmes come in different formats so you can choose the one that suits you best.  

    Our CPD webinars are web conferences with a difference as they are live and interactive. The direction of the presentation is primarily led by the presenter/speaker however,  audience participation is integral and indeed necessary for a more useful and  interesting experience. 


    • Learn from key opinion leaders and earn CPD from the comfort of your home or office.
    • Sign-up for a live online presentation or play-back recorded presentations.
    • Watching a webinar is simple, convenient and free of charge.
    • A webinar is  ‘live’ and interactive – with the ability to give, receive and discuss information. 
    • You can catch up with any presentations you have missed in our free on-demand library.
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    Light Curing in Dentistry - A Brief History and Update, register for free now

    Presenter: Dr. Robin Mills, BDS, MSc, DDS

    This webinar will briefly chart how light curing has evolved to the present and compare LED LCUs with QTH LCUs. It will describe the main types of designs of LED LCUs and the basic physics involved so the clinician may decide on the most appropriate LCU for their practice. Recent developments in LED LCUs will be discussed and how manufacturers have improved on their earlier designs.<br>

    30th October 2013

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    Modern Management of Dental Traumatology, register for free now

    Presenter: Mike Horrocks, BDS MSc

    The management of dental trauma will be evaluated and techniques to manage incomplete root formation will be discussed. Internal and external resorption will be also reviewed and its relationship to trauma will be highlighted.

    7th November 2013

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    Local Anaesthetics - An Update For The Dental Hygienist, register for free now

    Presenter: Dr. Nigel Robb

    This webinar aims to update the dental hygienist on the local anaesthetic agents that are currently available in order to encourage safe and effective practice in local anaesthesia for dental treatment within the scope of practice for dental hygienists.    

    14th November 2013

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    Watch more CPD presentations in our on-demand library

    All DENTSPLY Academy webinars are now available on catch up, which means that you can watch them and gain verifiable CPD at your convenience.



    What's New in Endo? - Mike Horrocks, BDS MSc watch now

    Modern Canal Shaping - Mike Horrocks, BDS MSc watch now

    Successful Endodontic Retreatment - Dr. Carol Tait watch now

    WaveOne: The New Single File System from Maillefer - Dr. Julian Webber watch now

    Modern Obturation Techniques - Mike Horrocks, BDS MSc watch now


    Key Concepts of Air Polishing  - Ms. Renee' Graham, RDH, MEd watch now

    Keep Your Cavitron and Inserts Fit for Use - Stephen Clark watch now

    Sharpen Up Your Instrumentation - Alison Grant watch now

    Modern Treatment Options for Periodontal Disease - Dr. Ian Peace watch now

    Treating Periodontitis: The First Phase - Ravi Saravanamuttu watch now

    The “Dahl Concept” - Current Concepts in the Management of Tooth Surface Loss - Dr. Ian Cline watch now


    Posterior Restorations – How to Make Your Life Easier with New Materials and Equipment - Dr. Louis Mackenzie watch now

    Predictable Posterior Composites - Carl Paisley, BChD MFDS RCS watch now

    Posterior Composites, Applying The Theory For Clinical Success - Dr. Ian Cline watch now

    Posterior Composite Placement Redefined: The Game Has Changed - Dr. Martin Goldstein watch now

    Temporisation and Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth – Principles and Materials - Dr. Giles Round watch now

    ChemFil Rock :A Breakthrough Glass Ionomer? - Professor Roland Frankenberger watch now

    Current Concepts in Aesthetic Anterior Composites - Dr. Ian Cline watch now

    Impression Techniques - Dr. Nicolas Martin watch now

    Maximizing Success with Modern Dental Adhesives - Dr. Mark Latta watch now


    Implantology: Successful Impression Taking - Dr. Johnny Fearon watch now

    Dental Implants: Maintenance Strategies - Shirley Branam watch now

    All-Ceramic Crowns: Restorative Principles, Types and Preparations - Dr. Nicolas Martin watch now


    Tooth Whitening: Evidence Based Facts - Linda Greenwall, BDS MGDS, RCS MSc, MRD RCS, FFGDP watch now

    Tooth Whitening: Update on Techniques and the New Legislation - Dr. Trevor Bigg watch now


    Local Anaesthesia for the 21st century - Dr. Nigel Robb watch now


    Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injuries in the Dental Profession - Mary Somers, MCSP watch now

    Rubber-dam Techniques - Overview and New Matrix Systems - Dr. Ian Cline watch now

    Living with the CQC - What You Should Know - Keith Hayes watch now

    Simplifying Dental Radiography - Barbara Lamb watch now

    Dental Radiation Safety - Doreen Smeltzer watch now



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