Dycal® is the UK's number 1 Calcium Hydroxide Cavity Lining Material and no other calcium hydroxide can match the track record of Dycal®. For more than 25 years it has been used with confidence by dentists world-wide for cavity lining and pulp capping.

    Dycal possesses a quick, convenient and easy paste to paste mixing system. This system prevents small variations in the base to catalyst ratio, affecting the working and setting times of the material. The material sets hard quickly and withstanding amalgam condensation, allowing for the immediate placement of restorative material or an intermediary base.

    Dycal has high compressive strength, low solubility and a hard setting, resisting the forces of amalgam condensation. It does not inhibit the setting of acrylic and composite restorations and has no negative effect on the aesthetic result of translucent composite materials.

    Not only do properties inherent to Dycal help stimulate the formation of secondary dentine, allowing the sealing of the pulp chamber, they offer aid to the restoration of the pulp vitality. Its radiopaque nature allows effective future differentiation between the liner, dentine and caries.

    Couple all the above benefits with the dentine colour of Dycal and the result is an enhanced final restoration.


    Properties: Type of Cement : Calcium Hydroxide Mixing Ratio, Base : Catalyst 1.17g : 1.0g Indications, Vital pulp capping, pulp protection under liners, restorative materials, Mixing Time : 10 sec, Working Time : 2 mins 20 sec Setting Time : 2.5 to 3.5 mins

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    Dycal Standard Pack   13g base paste, 11g catalyst paste, mixing pad   order now 61105501 
    Dycal Eco/6 Pack 6 of each of the above order now 61105606
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