For convenient horizontal and vertical bitewings, use the red FLIP-RAY BW Universal Film & Phosphor Plate Holder for Bitewings.

    SNAP-A-Ray® Save time with the easy-to-use universal sensor holder.

    Our new Snap-A-Ray DS holder allows you to quickly load and place digital sensors for accurate periapical radiographs.

    Prefer to use an arm and ring? You can with this new design: an optional 2-in-1 aiming ring and arm kit is available.

    • Universal design works with your sensor
    • Autoclavable for low cost per use
    • Rigid design prevents flexing
    • Soft overmolding is gentle to the sensor case
    • Endodontic/Implant version available with cutout bite surface
    • Use with the optional 2-in-1 Arm and Ring kit for easy alignment