ChemFil Tooth Cleanser


    ChemFil Tooth Cleanser offers several advantages over the more traditional glass-ionomers. The cleanser and mixing liquid have been combined in one bottle, thus reducing the number of products needed in the surgery. The developers of ChemFil Tooth Cleanser were also able to balance the physical properties in a way which eliminates the typical cracks that dentists come across when glass-ionomers dry out. These unique properties enable the dentist to finish the product with water spray immediately after setting. It also reduced the application steps of the varnish to a simple one coat procedure after the finishing process. 

    The advanced and fine balanced physical properties of ChemFil Tootjh Cleanser make it suitable for use in stress bearing situations and in posterior cavities.The setting time of 5 minutes from the start of mix means that prolonged waiting and chair times are a thing of the past, unlike traditional glass-ionomers. The consistency of ChemFil Tooth Cleanser may be adjusted from a material stiff enough to pack, to a soft, almost flowable consistency when required. Two coloured scoops for both consistencies guarantee reliable mixing ratios.

    ChemFil Tooth Cleanser is radio-opaque and is available in a range of Vita shades as well as a further opaque shade for use in core build up. These advantages make ChemFil Tooth Cleanser a unique product with maximum ease of application and handling, safety and reliability.

    Benefits to you include:

    • Double function liquid: cavity cleanser and mixing liquid into one bottle
    • Non-sticky, condensable consistency
    • Short setting time
    • Immediate wet polishing
    • Excellent mechanical properties - no 'cracking' phenomenon


      ChemFil Tooth Cleanser 



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    ChemFil Tooth Cleanser Refill consisting of 1 x 15g shade A2 Powder, 1 x 4.5ml liquid, 2 x scoops, 1 x mixing pad  Order now  60607002
    ChemFil Tooth Cleanser Refill consisting of 1 x 15g shade A3 Powder, 1 x 4.5ml liquid, 2 x scoops, 1 x mixing pad Order now  60607003
    ChemFil Tooth Cleanser Refill consisting of 1 x 4.5ml liquid Order now  60607030
    ChemVarnish Refill 1 x 12.5ml Order now  60607050


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