Dispersalloy® is a leading dispersed phase alloy which offers over 20 years of clinical proof of performance and durability where it counts the most – in the patient’s mouth. In independent clinical studies, Dispersalloy® displayed exceptional marginal integrity, the lowest marginal failure rate and less incidence of bulk fracture. It contains lathe-cut particles and silver/copper eutectic spheres that result in virtual elimination of the GAMMA II phase and yield exceptional corrosive resistance and reduced ditching. Dispersalloy® offers many excellent features including:

    Physical characteristics - The superior performance of Dispersalloy® results from tackling the problem of margin failure in four major areas: excessive corrosion, space between the set amalgam and the cavity wall, deformation and insufficient strength to withstand applied forces.

    Clinical performance – Dispersalloy® has been the subject of numerous clinical trials and comparison. Moreover, literally millions of restorations worldwide testify to it’s unsurpassed clinical record.

    Marginal integrity – Dispersalloy® ensures excellent marginal integrity.

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