Seal & Protect

    DENTSPLY is pleased to announce a unique treatment concept, designed to protect exposed dentine from mechanical abrasion and microbial attacks. In effect, it seals dentine like a pit and fissure sealant seals enamel. It protects against toothbrush abrasion, acidic consumption (i.e. intake of fruit juices, acidic drinks etc.) and because it contains Triclosan, it slows down the growth of bacteria forming on this surface.

    Protective Sealant against abrasion - Seal&Protect is the first sealant which protects the exposed root dentine from toothbrush abrasion. Once applied to root dentine, this polymerised coat mechanically reinforces dentine, increasing its surface hardness. This treatment is also ideal for prevention of class V lesions.

    • Antimicrobial Effect with Triclosan - One of the active ingredients is triclosan, an antimicrobial agent, which reduces plaque formation and fights against caries-associated bacteria. Unlike traditional antimicrobial substances, triclosan does not exhibit negative side effects such as a bitter tast or discoloration. 
    • Desensitizer - By blocking open dentine tubules on the root surface, Seal&Protect allows treatment of hypersensitive cervical areas.Fluoridation - Seal&Protect continuously releases a highly effective amine fluoride, giving added protection to the tooth. 
    • Patient Comfort - Seal&Protect allows patients to eat, drink and brush their teeth directly after application. The translucency of the sealant offers superior aesthetics.


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    Seal&Protect Standard Pack 60604700  Order now  1 Bottle Seal&Protect 4.5ml, 50 Applicator Tips, 10 Applicator Dishes, 1 Illustrated Technique guide   

    Seal&Protect Refill Pack        60604705  Order now  2 Bottles Seal&Protect, each 4.5ml  

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