ProFile instruments, which have been around since 1996, offer maximal security due to their non-cutting "Radial Line" profile and U shaped section


    The multiple taper design of ProFile, featuring tapers from 2 to 8%, enables you to treat successfully the three canal thirds using the crown-down technique


    The high flexibility of these finishing files allows for soft canal shaping, especially in the apical third

                                                                                            PROFILE .04                        REF A 011N

                                                                                            Taper: 4%

                                                                                            Lengths: 21, 25, 31 mm


                                                                                            PROFILE .06                        REF A 0345

                                                                                            Taper: 6%

                                                                                            Lengths: 21, 25, 31 mm


                                                                                            PROFILE O.S.                     REF A 0359

                                                                                            Length: 19 mm



                                                                                            ASSORTMENT                  REF A 0363

                                                                                            Lengths: 18, 21, 25 mm


                                                                                            PROFILE ORGANISER        REF A 0362



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