Mirrors and Handles

    Mirror Heads

    All Ash® mouth mirror heads come in packs containing twelve heads of one size.

    Rear surface Ash mouth mirrors are aluminium coated under vacuum on the reverse side of the glass to eliminate scratch damage. 

    Front surface mirrors will not give a double image, and so are ideal for endodontic procedures.



    Our mirror heads come in 4 sizes

    62452103 Size 3 Plain

    62452104 Size 4 Plain 

    62452004 Size 4 Concave (Magnifying)

    62452107 Size 4 Front Surface Plain

    62452105 Size 5 Plain

    62452005 Size 5 Concave (Magnifying)

    62452106 Size 6 Plain 


    Mirror Handles

    Our mirror handles are available as a knurled metal handle, or as part of our Artio and Flexichange ranges.





    62407001 Ash Stainless Steel Knurled Mirror Handle

    61952113 Artio Mirror Handle

    61970605 Flexichange Mirror Handle

    61970608 Flexichange Mirror Adaptor Point A

    61970609 Flexichange Blanking Pin Point B