Wheel Head

    Smaller sizes are useful for creating retention/undercuts. Larger sizes are effective for gross retention of occlusal and lingual surfaces.

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    Hi-Di No.512  Hi-Di No.513  Hi-Di No.514
    Hi-Di No.512 Hi-Di No.513 Hi-Di No.514
    ISO 041/018 ISO O68/042 ISO O42/042
    Medium Grit (60703512)   Medium Grit (60703513)   Medium Grit (60703514)
    Head Diameter 1.8mm Head Diameter 4.2mm Head Diameter 4.2mm
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    Hi-Di No.619 Hi-Di No.620  
    Hi-Di No.619 Hi-Di No.620  
    ISO 068/036 ISO 068/045  
    Medium Grit (60703619) Medium Grit (60703620)  
    Head Diameter 3.6mm Head Diameter 4.5mm  
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    Barrel Head

    Useful for contouring, shaping and bevelling cavity preparation.

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    Hi-Di No.632
    Hi-Di No.632
    ISO 038/034
    Medium Grit (60703632)
    Head Diameter 3.4mm
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