Flexichange Probes and Explorers

    The Flexichange range of hand instruments comes with a selection of double-ended and single-ended probes and explorers, predominantly for periodontal use.  

    All Flexichange Probes are supplied on Lilac Handles. Replacement points are also available for each instrument.


    Whole Instruments  Replacement Points

    61970615 CPITN Probe                                    

    61970625 14W Probe

    61970635 EN15/3-6-9 Probe


    61970645 CPITN/14W Probe


    61970655 Holst Probe

    61970685 ODU Probe


    61970695 Probe No. 9/54


    61970705  Nabers Probe P2N



    61970618 CPITN Point                               

    61970628 14W Point

    61970638 EN15 Point

    61970639 3-6-9 Point

    61970618 CPITN Point

    61970628 14W Point

    61970658 Holst Point

    61970688 ODU Probe Point A

    61970689 ODU Probe Point B

    61970698 Probe No. 9

    61970699 Probe No. 54

    61970708  Nabers Probe P2N Point A

    61970709  Nabers Probe P2N Point B

    61970609 Blanking Pin for Single Ended Instruments


    Probe Shapes

    Probe 9                                                Probe 54

    Holst                                              CPITN

    EN15                                                       Nabers Probe 




    Susan Bissett - the benefits of quality instruments

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