Achieve higher control and precision with ultrasonic inserts specifically designed for access cavity refinement and canal orifice location


    A well prepared access cavity and location of canal openings are recognised as key factors to the success of endodontic treatments. The use of ultrasonic inserts is advised for these applications thanks to two main characteristics:

    * A great working precision

    * An incomparable view of the operative field


    DENTSPLY Maillefer has therefore developed, together with Dr Berutti, Dr Cantatore and Dr Castellucci, a range of ultrasonic tips based on a simple concept ONE TIP - ONE CLINICAL INDICATION

    Click here to download the Start-X brochure 



      Start-X 1        Access cavity wall refinement

      Start-X 2        MB2 canal scouter

      Start-X 3        Canal openings scouter

      Start-X 4        Metal post removal

      Start-X 5        Reveals the original pulp chamber floor anatomy



    For directions for use and material safety data sheets click here