SmartLite Focus



    DENTSPLY is pleased to announce the launch of SmartLite Focus. The NEW SmartLite Focus combines essential features demanded from a curing light in everyday use.


    The SmartLite Focus curing light is a cordless pen-style, cordless LED light polymerization device with convenient handling features and exchangeable battery pack/ It has an individual adjustable LED tip, rotatable by 330°, providing maximum light output and a polymerization area (optic effective cross-sectional area) of a minimum of 7.5mm in diameter.

    SmartLite Focus 

    New Features

    Reduced divergency and homogenous beam profile

    The SmartLite Focus optics reduces divergency and ensures a homogenous beam profile. This ensures the recommended depth of cure for most DENTSPLY light curing restoratives even up to an 8mm distance. Providing reliable light curing over larger distances and homogeneous performance within the curing area.


    Convenient clinical handling

    SmartLite Focus provides a slim pen-style design with a long, rotatable tip and a one-button control, activating a 20 second curing cycle. Providing excellent Intra-oral access, easy one-touch handling and one mode for direct and indirect restorations.


    Smart Recharge Technology

    SmartLite Focus is instantly ready to use upon purchase without need of initial charging. The replaceable battery pack offers stable energy output even after prolonged storage.

    The SmartLite Focus "Smart Recharge Technology" checks the curing light's battery conditions and initiates the appropriate charging mode:

    • "Automatic Quick Charging Mode"- Provides at least 5 min, curing time after 10 min charging when battery is nearly empty
    • "Standard Charging Mode"- Regains full capacity in less than 3 hrs.
    • "Standby Mode"- Prevents overcharging upon reaching capacity

    Providing virtually permanent availability.


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    SmartLite Focus Intro Kit



    1 x SmartlLite Focus, 1 x Charging Base, 1 x Battery Pack, 5 x Shields,

    300 x  Sleeves,1 x Power Connector, 1 x Instructions for Use, 1 x Material Curing Guide

    SmartLite Focus Battery Refill   1 x Battery Pack 64450021  
    SmartLite Sleeves Refill   300 x SmartLite Sleeves (for Focus and PS) 64450030
    SmartLite Focus Shields Refill   5 x Shields 64450040
    SmartLite Focus Power Connector Refill   1 x  Power Connector & Adapters 64450050

    SmartLite Focus Refill

      1 x SmartLite Focus, 1 x Battery Pack, 1 x Instructions for Use,1 x Material Curing Guide   64450060  

    SmartLite Focus Charging Base Refill

      1 x SmartLite Focus Charging Base 64450070

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