Artio Probes and Explorers

    C-PITN Probe

    Code 61952083

    Probe 14W

    Code 61952063

    Probe P2N Nabers

    Ideal for assessing furcations

    Code 61952103

    Probe AMP No 5

    Code 61952013


    Probe 6

    Code 61952023

    Probe 8

    Code 61952033

    Probe 9

    Code 61952043

    Probe 11 (Briault)

    Code 61952053

    Probe 54

    Code 61952073

    ODU Probe

    Excellent for calculus detection subgingivally

    Code 61952093

    Mary Somers of Canterbury Physiotherapy has been a qualified physiotherapist for nearly thirty years. She recently had the opportunity to watch a dental hygienist at work, which has allowed her to see exactly how a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) can be developed by those who spend their working day in a dental surgery.

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    Do not discount the risk of RSI

    Different degrees or types of RSI can be long term and provoke symptoms of extreme pain, bringing major disruption to employment and severely compromising the sufferer’s quality of life, and yet RSI can often be prevented by simple precautions.

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    RSI prevention exercises

    The benefit of doing regular exercise is well documented and this includes doing simple stretches and exercises at work. The benefits include improving joint flexibility, muscle tone, improving blood flow and reducing stress. We have nine simple exercises that you can try in micro breaks between patients. If any of the exercises cause pain or discomfort, stop and seek medical advice.

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