Radix Fiber Posts


    Radix Fiber Posts are a complete range of translucent glass fibre posts that are indicated for use as reinforcement for the reconstruction if anterior and posterior teeth.


    Aesthetically Ideal

    Their translucency makes them especially suited for the reconstruction of anterior teeth, where aesthetic considerations are paramount, and they are ideal for use with curing lights, ensuring a rapid and controlled clinical technique.

    Outstanding Strength

    They have a unique dual taper endo design with a conical region for load transfer, and cylindrical region for retention in the tooth. The taper of the conical region corresponds to that typically found in root canals, minimising the removal of dentine and resulting in increased tooth strength.

    Minimises the risk of tooth fractures

    Manufactured with a unique process that pre-stresses the fibres, which lead to optimal mechanical properties. The high density of the unit-directional glass fibres provides excellent strength and flexibility for a restoration that mimics the stress distributions of healthy teeth, thereby preventing fissures or fractures.



    Radix Fiber Post Trial Kits

    Available in sizes 0.8 and 1.0

    Each kit contains 2 posts, 2 precision drills and 1 Largo                Ref: C06140


    Radix Fiber Post Basic Kits

    Available in sizes 0.8, 1.0 and 1.3

    Each kit contains 24 posts, 2 precision drills and 1 Largo            Ref: C06140



    Radix Fiber Post Refills

    Each blister pack contains 10 posts

    Available in 6 sizes                                                                                Ref: C061300


    Precision Drills

    Size 1-6 individually (box of 3)                                                               Ref: C060100

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