Cavitron Jet Plus Tap-On


    The Cavitron™ Jet Plus™ will soon be replaced with Cavitron™ Jet Plus™ with NEW Tap-On Technology.

    It will keep many existing features but also has some new welcome additions.

    Cavitron Jet Plus with Tap-On TechnologyCavitron Jet Plus with Tap-On Technology 

    New Features

    NEW Tap-On foot pedal

    We have improved the foot pedal mechanism. To reduce leg and foot fatigue, the wireless foot pedal can be tapped to deactivate, then the foot can be relaxed during the procedure (taken off the foot pedal) and then tapped again to deactivate.


    Prophy Auto Cycles

    This feature automatically cycles between air polish and rinse without pumping the foot pedal. Choose short, medium or long prophy cycle times. Tap-On technology will activate prophy mode auto cycles.


    Turbo Mode

    This feature increases power up to 25% over the boost mode, which is retained until the button is pressed again


    Finer Water Flow Control

    More precise flow direction and improved lavage


    Free New Cavitron Insert

    Each unit will be supplied with the new FSI™ SLI™ 1000 Cavitron™ Insert FREE of charge.

    Existing popular features

    • Wireless foot control - eliminates cord for a streamlined, professional look; less hazardous; easier to move
    • Depression is 360° around the foot switch
    • Autoclavable handpiece - to help better manage infection control
    • Rotating handpiece - the handpiece rotates by 330° for ease of use while scaling
    • Illuminated diagnostic display - informing the user at a glance of the unit’s status, easy to read
    • Rinse setting - to flush periodontal pockets, anti-bacterial lavage
    • Enhanced Blue Zone™ - for increased patient comfort when scaling sub-gingivally


    This system supports air polishing, and ultrasonic periodontal debridement with turbo boost, the Blue Zone™ and deep pocket ultrasonic lavage delivering medicament.

    A system of solutions for practical, preventive dentistry.

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    Frequently asked questions

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    Is there a serial number on the footswitch that matches the unit?
    Are batteries included with the footswitch?
    Is there a more distinct difference between the first and second position on the footswitch than on current footswitches?
    What is the battery life span?
    Is the comfort grip autoclavable?
    Does the comfort grip have to be removed from the handpiece to autoclave?
    If the comfort grip is autoclaved separately, does the handpiece still need to be autoclaved?
    Will the comfort grip retro-fit to existing Steri-Mate® handpieces?
    Is it necessary or required to use the comfort grip?
    What is the “life” of the comfort grip?
    Does the Cavitron JET Plus work with existing Cavitron inserts?
    Does the Cavitron JET Plus work with the existing air polishing nozzle?
    Does the Cavitron JET Plus unit work with DualSelect™?
    How does each unit and footswitch know they belong together?
    What if the original footswitch is replaced? How will it communicate to the unit?
    What frequency does the footswitch operate at and what about interference from other electronics that operate at that frequency?

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