Palodent Matrix System




    For perfect contacts, the Palodent Sectional Matrix System is the original, most trusted and highest rated contoured sectional matrix system available. For fifteen years, the Palodent Matrix System has earned the prestigious Five-Star REALITY award.

    The shape of each Palodent matrix creates natural contours and profiles, instead of the flat surfaces and improper contacts achieved by other matrices. It can be used with any restorative material, including composites, amalgams, wax patterns or temporaries. Palodent matrices are malleable and can be adapted to any residual tooth surface.

    The Palodent technique assures perfect contacts and natural contours without needless sacrifice of healthy tissue. This 30-second technique saves you time in burnishing, final finishing and forced wedging while minimising post-op sensitivity and damage to the gingival tissue.

    1 - Separation The spring action of the BiTine™ round ring and the BiTine™ II oval ring creates gentle separation needed to insert a contoured matrix without distortion. This gentle orthodontic separation eliminates the need for forced wedging that can create patient sensitivity and soft tissue trauma. With the Rubber Dam in place, and before preparation, a BiTine ring is placed by spreading the ring with rubber dam forceps. The tines are placed with one tine in each interproximal space buccal to lingual, and adjacent to the surface to be restored. The ring loop can be placed in either direction, however, the ring makes a convenient finger rest if placed mesially.

    2 - Matrix Placement Once the tooth is prepared with the BiTine ring in place, gentle separation is accomplished. Remove the BiTine ring. Finger roll the matrix to the approximate tooth circumference. Place the matrix and adjust the contact position. The Standard and Mini Palodent matrices have a dot or a notch that should be placed occlusially. The Palodent Plus matrix should be placed with the longer flap apically. 

    3 - Stabilisation Close the gingival margin by placing an anatomical wedge. The wedge is used to only seal the matrix interface with the tooth, not to force separation. To further stabilise the matrix, the BiTine ring is placed with the tines in the proximal plane, engaging either the matrix or wedge. This stabilises the matrix against the tooth structure.

    4 - Modelling Lightly burnish the matrix against the adjacent tooth, both buccally and lingually to further adapt it to form proper contours. N.B. Over burnishing may distort the matrix and compromise the built-in contours in the matrix.

    5 - Tips Two BiTine rings may be used for MOD preparations; nested over the other or diverging like wings. One BiTine ring may be used to separate two Class II, side by side preparations


    Please be advised that this product does not contain any hazardous chemicals and therefore, does not require a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).


    Pack Details

    Palodent Complete Kit - 100 standard matrices, 50 mini matrices, 50 plus matrices, 4 BiTine round rings, 2 BiTine™ 11 oval rings     Order Code: 659060Y

    Palodent Intro Kit/Standard Kit - 50 standard matrices, 2 BiTine round rings    Order Code: 659070Y

    Palodent 100 Standard Matrices Refill  Order Code: 659010

    Palodent 50 Standard Matrices Refill  Order Code: 659015

    Palodent 50 Mini Matrices Refill  Order Code: 659020

    Palodent 50 Plus Matrices Refill  Order Code: 659030

    Palodent 4 BiTine Round Rings Refill  Order Code: 659040

    Palodent 2 BiTine II Oval Rings Refill  Order Code: 659050

    Palodent Forceps  Order Code: 62499060

    Introducing Palodent Plus

    For dentists placing Class II restorations, Palodent Plus is the new sectional matrix system that delivers easy, predictable and accuarte contact creation by utilising advanced ring, matrix and wedge technology. Palodent Plus offers you accurate contacts and tight marginal seal, minimised flash and finnishing, easy placement and removal.

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    Palodent Plus Palodent Plus