Since its launch in Spring 2011, nearly 5,000 dentists have joined Rewards and now benefit every time they order via the DENTSPLY website.

    As well as receiving Rewards for every order, members also benefit from free samples of selected DENTSPLY products and other incentives.

    Orders placed with DENTSPLY will still be delivered via the customer’s preferred dealer.

  DENTSPLY Rewards has been specifically developed in response to feedback received from dentists and their colleagues to bring you true choice and flexibility. Ordering on our website is easy, you continue to benefit from your preferred Dealer discount and in addition you can choose DENTSPLY Rewards that suit your practice.


    More than £270,000 worth of Rewards pounds have been redeemed by customers in the first year of scheme, from a total of £630,000 of Rewards pounds awarded. The scale of the uptake shows that Rewards is bringing real savings to dental practices around the UK.      


    • Order at, our secure and easy to use website at any time - 24 hours a day.
    • Choose from hundreds of Rewards to suit your practice - true choice and flexibility.
    • All orders placed on our website will be processed, invoiced and shipped through your preferred dealer.
    • Receive your preferred dealer discount in addition to your DENTSPLY Rewards.
    • Try free samples of selected DENTSPLY products and trial other products at a reduced price.


    DENTSPLY Rewards Plus

    We’re giving customers who order via DENTSPLY Rewards the opportunity to earn up to 10% more DENTSPLY Rewards pounds. Join our exclusive programme and we’ll thank you by giving back a higher level of DENTSPLY Rewards pounds than ever before.

    You’ll soon discover the levels of Rewards pounds you could be receiving just by ordering more of the products you love. Then you can use your pounds to get these products, for free!

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    Rewards Plus


    Thousands of delighted Dental Professionals already order at DENTSPLY Rewards

    DENTSPLY Rewards was launched in the Spring 2011 and in its first year, almost 5,000 customers have registered on the site and are enjoying the great benefits of being a DENTSPLY Rewards member.  


    “It’s great and really easy to find what we want on the Rewards web site. We’re building up our Rewards value and look forward to purchasing more products from DENTSPLY so we can save even more through the Rewards web site.”

    Nicola Pettifor, Head Nurse at Lady Bay Dental


    “We’ve only been using the site for about six weeks but are extremely pleased with it so far. It’s very easy to use and makes ordering our supplies far more efficient. We will definitely continue to use the DENTSPLY Rewards website in the future.”

    June Quinn, Practice Manager, Bathgate Smile Centre


    “The DENTSPLY Rewards website is easy to use, we've had no problems at all and the delivery of products is always prompt and reliable. Because we make savings through the rewards points and the dealer discount, it's really very useful."

    Kay Hume, Practice Manager at Reilly, Clunie and Barrett, Dumbarton


     “The DENTSPLY Rewards website is quick and easy to use , it’s nicely laid out and easy to navigate  and you can see how it works with earning rewards which is really good. It’s quite exciting seeing the  rewards building up and you can see the benefits straight away with the pounds you’ve saved  and points you’ve earned.” 

    Avril Bathgate, Head Nurse at Fraser Sim & Associates, Musselburgh 


    “The Dentsply Reward site is really great, it gives you rewards on the everyday products you buy. It works very well for our practice and I would recommend anyone interested to visit the website.”

    Miss Helen Makin,  Rock House Dental Practice


    “It’s an excellent service; products arrive the next day so it’s very efficient. I found it very easy to find my way around the DENTSPLY Rewards website because it’s self explanatory. For an online ordering site, it’s just brilliant!”

    Sarah Singleton from Northwick Manor Dental Practice, Worcester


    "The DENTSPLY Rewards website is great because I get money back! It's really useful for saving up for the big, higher value items like Cavitron tips for instance. You can also get trial products at trial prices. It’s the best reward scheme I have found."

    Fae Hewitt, nurse and Stock Control Manager at Dentistry68


    "It's really very useful, convenient and simple to order through the DENTSPLY Rewards website. Obviously with the rewards scheme is an added bonus as you can save up the rewards points to spend on other DENTSPLY products. What I've found particularly useful is that the rewards points mean you have the chance to try products that you might not otherwise so that is very useful and lots of fun."

    Dr Colin McClure, Whitecart Dental Care


    "I’ve been very happy with the Rewards website and it’s definitely worth doing – in six months I’ve had over £1000’s worth of stock just through the rewards, which I’ll spend on the products we regularly use. It’s easy to use, quick and efficient.”

    Janet Edwards, Practice Manager, Hoghton Street Dental Practice


    “The system is easy to use and the Rewards on offer make the website superior to its competitors, because it allows you to gain Rewards pounds to spend on new products in the future.”

    Tracey Carter, Hilltop Dental Spa,  Northfield


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