Prisma Gloss


    Prisma Gloss is a fine-grit aluminium-oxide powder suspended in a glycerine base, and is designed to produce a natural looking finish on both anterior and posterior resin restorations. An ideal material for hygienists to polish composite veneers.

    Key features and benefits include:

    * The fine-grit polishing compound increases surface luster or resin restorations, enhancing their appearance.
    * The paste consistency ensures that the product is easy to use with a prophy cup or felt polishing wheel and there is no need to learn new procedures.
    * Syringe dispensing makes the product easy to use, with no water and the one component formulations saves time by eliminating mixing.
    * The water solubility of the product allows the paste to be rinsed completely from the teeth without leaving a residue or film.


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