Lustra ZNR Non-Stick Instruments

    The Lustra ZNR range features the durability of DENTSPLY's ZNR Zirconium Nitride "non-stick" coating. The coating is super-thin, so it does not alter the size of the instrument head. the coating is also suitable for cleaning in ultrasonic baths, and is highly resistant to scratching, so it will stay non-stick. Perfect for a great finish to composite restorations.




    ZNR Plastic 1

    For packing composite resin into a cavity, with one "duck-head" end

    Code 62024540



    ZNR Plastic 2

    Useful for shaping occlusal surfaces on smaller restorations

    Code 62024550



    ZNR Plastic 6

    Long, stiff , opposed blades for labial surfaces of anterior restorations

    Code 62024610



    ZNR Plastic S6

    Spatula-shaped instrument, but with much smaller, stiffer blades for shaping

    Code 62024500



    ZNR Plastic 18

    For composite packing and contouring matrix bands

    Code 62024510



    ZNR Plastic 49

    For composite packing and contouring 

    Code 62024520



    ZNR Plastic 153SM 

    Effective packing instrument with smooth ends

    Code 62024530



    ZNR Plastic 179

    Conical paddle ends, useful for all restorations and placing gingival retraction cord

    Code 62024560



    ZNR Carver IPC

    Thin, flexible, opposed blades for simple handling and interproxinal shaping

    Code 62024650



    ZNR Hollenbach 1/2 3

    Good for composite shaping

    Code 62024660