Film Positioning Devices & Accessories



    RINN XCP X-Ray Alignment Instruments

    There is an increasing demand for accuracy and reproducibility in dental radiology. RINN's XCP Instrumentation is the state of the art dental radiography alignment device, that aligns film for perfect X-rays every time.

    Specially designed aiming ring is compatible with both rectangular and open ended round PIDs
    Stainless steel indicator arm allows the PID to be directed at optimum angle
    Reduced distortion with XCP long-cone technique bite blocks
    Universal bite-wing bite-block handles all film sizes
    Fully autoclavable
    The kit is a complete starter pack for anterior and posterior periapicals and bitewing radiographs, together with full technique manual

    RINN Universal Collimator:

    Controls patient radiation exposure by over 50%
    Quickly applied to most round open PIDs
    Designed to be used in conjunction with XCP, BAI and Endoray II instrumentation sets
    Collimated beam approximates to size 2 film, and may be rotated for horizontal and vertical use
    Product is supplied with two sizes of fixation lugs to suit your PID
    RINN EndoRay II:

    The ultimate alignment device for radiography during endodontics
    Aiming ring gives control over PID positioning
    Optimised angulation reduces cone cutting
    Suitable for use with size 1 or 2 films
    Unique ‘basket’ design allows easy fit over files or clamps without touching the subject toothFully autoclavable, chemiclavable and cold sterilisation  

    Pack Details

    Film Positioning Devices and Accessories
    XCP kit with bitewing                                               Order Code: R540856
    XCP/BAI anterior indicator arm (blue)                    Order Code: R540857
    XCP/BAI posterior indicator arm (yellow)               Order Code: R540858
    XCP/BAI anterior and bitewing aiming ring            Order Code: R540859
    XCP/BAI posterior aiming ring (yellow)                   Order Code: R540860
    XCP/BAI anterior aiming ring (blue)                        Order Code: R540865
    XCP anterior and posterior bite block - blue - (Pack of 25)   Order Code: R540861
    XCP posterior bit block - yellow - (Pack of 25)       Order Code: R540862
    XCP anterior and posterior bite blocks (Pack of 20 - 10 of each)   Order Code: R540863
    XCP disposable bite blocks (Pack of 100)           Order Code: R540870
    Universal Collimator, with large and small fixation lugs   Order Code: R540853
    Film Holder EndoRay II (Pack of 2)                        Order Code: R540303
    Film Holder Eezee Grip (Pack of 3)                       Order Code: R540200
    Bite Blocks Bite Wing #2 Horizontal - red (1 x 6)  Order Code: R540929
    XCP/BAI Bite Wing Arm - red                                 Order Code: R540927
    XCP Evolution Kit (X-ray alignment)                       Order Code: R542001