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    Hi-Di Diamond Burs


    High Quality

    Hi-Di diamonds have multiple layers of diamond grit that provide fast, reliable cutting, and extend the life if the diamond.

    Made from precision-engineered shanks, Hi-Di diamonds help to minimise handpiece vibration, thus increasing comfort among both patients and dentists, and reducing the risk of damage to your handpiece. In addition, a de-embrittlement process ensures Hi-Di diamonds remain a durable diamond bur, offering longevity and long-term economy.


                        Hi-Di Diamond Bur                                           Competitor Diamond Bur


                 Multiple layers of diamonds



    Our rigid inspection standards ensure you will receive the unmatched quality, which you have come to expect from DENTSPLY Ash® Instruments.


    Hi-Di Burs are part of the DENTSPLY Indirect Restorations Procedure Team

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    Round/Pear                                          Tapered / Truncated / Round / Pointed                  

    Cylindrical/Flat/Domed/Pointed     Flame / Wheel / Barrel

    Inverted Cone/Diablo