Dyract eXtra



    The original compomer...Clinically proven to provide long-term fluoride release

    Dyract eXtra is a filling material for all classes of anterior as well as posterior cavities. The special properties of DyracteXtra result from the combination of fluoridated glass filler with acid-modified monomers patented by DENTSPLY. Dyract eXtra fillings release fluoride ions continually and function as acid-buffers along the interface with the tooth structure.  

    In clinical studies on paedodontic fillings, the longevity of Dyract proved unparalleled. In geriatric dentistry, efficient treatment, which stresses patients as little as possible, is especially important. As the oral hygiene of geriatrics and other risk groups is often uncertain and compliance is low, Dyract eXtra fillings are a logical addition to the appropriate prophylactic measures.

    With impressive results in 45 clinical studies, more than 500 scientific publications, more than 220 million restorations worldwide, and 15 years of successful use in dental practices, Dyract eXtra is one of the most widely used filling materials in the world. 

    Dyract eXtra Selected Studies


    Optimum Handling

    Optimum handling for efficient placement and finishing

    Dyract eXtra can be light-cured very rapidly and optimum handling provides for highly efficient placement and finishing.  It offers an extended working time of 90 seconds.



    Aesthetically Pleasing

    Aesthetically pleasing, durable restorations in which you can be confident


    Dyract eXtra guarantees long term durability in all cavity classes. With just 10 shades including two opaque shades, Dyract® eXtra offers an excellent shade match and chameleon-effect, making the clinician’s task even easier.  Dyract eXtra delivers outstanding aesthetic results for a single-layer restoration.


    dyractaa.jpg   dyract-bb.jpg
     Before  After
    C.H. Finke (2010)  
    dyractcc.jpg dyractdd.jpg
    Before After

    Benz (2003)


    Scientific Compedium

    Directions for use





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    Dyract eXtra Intro Kit

    40x Compules (10x A2, 10 x A3, 5 x A3.5, 5x A4, 5 x B1, 5 x C2)

    1 x Compules tips gun, shade guide, applicator tips,dappen dish

    60604900 order now
    Dyract eXtra Compules Refill  20 x Shade A2 60604901 order now
      20 x Shade A3 60604902 order now
      20 x Shade A3.5 60604903 order now
      20 x Shade A4 60604904 order now
      20 x Shade B1 60604905 order now
      20 x Shade B3 60604906 order now
      20 x Shade C2 60604907 order now
      20 x Shade C3 60604908 order now
      20 x Shade O-A2 (opaque) 60604909 order now
      20 x Shade O-B3 (opaque) 60604910 order now
    Dyract eXtra Shade Guide   60604940 order now


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