Luxation Instruments

Ash® Luxation instrument tips are more finely tapered than excavators tips. Their characteristics are a combination of a Periotome and an elevator. The sharp tip enables more efficient cutting of the periodontal ligament, whilst the tapering shaft assists with controlled expansion of the bony socket. Many practitioners find that a large proportion of extraction procedures become totally ‘forceps free’, especially valuable for younger patients, as part of an orthodontic programme or in advance of implant placement.


Luxation Kit

The Ash® Luxation Kit comprises of four Luxation instruments, a straight and curved blade version in two different widths, a Lustra™ Heidebrink root pick elevator, and a sharpening stone and honing rod to keep the instruments in perfect condition.

Code 62309999


Luxation Instrument 3C

Code 62303004


Luxation Instrument 3ST

Code 62303005


Luxation Instrument 5C

Code 62303006


Luxation Instrument 5ST

Code 62303007


Heidebrink Root Pick Elevator E13/E14

Code 62099001