SmartCem 2 Self-Adhesive Cement is a two-component, dual-cure, high strength self-adhesive cement.


    SmartCem 2 cement combines aesthetic shading with a self-etching adhesive, maiking it suitable for permanent cementation of indirect restorations, inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and posts.



    Features and Benefits

    SmartCem2  is a self-adhesive cement with the perfect combination of handling and strength: 

    *         Self-adhesive with one of the highest bond strengths on the market, eliminating the need for a separate
               bonding step, saving you time 
    *         Very low moisture solubility and expansion, helping reduce patient sensitivity 
    *         Provides ample work time for up to 2 minutes. Sets quickly and light cures in 20 to 40
    *         Easy gel phase clean-up – residual material is easily removed using an explorer and interproximal flossing
    *         Dual barrel automix syringe system, for consistent mixing and easy delivery 
    *         Great aesthetics, available in five shades: Light, Medium, Dark, Translucent and Opaque 
    *         Low film thickness at 19μm ensuring a closer fit of the restoration 
    *         Fluoride release 
    *         No refrigeration required 
    *         Radio-opaque 

    Faster, stronger and more consistent

    Smartcem2 improved formula leads to the gel-phase commencing sooner (after 50-60 seconds) and  establishes a stronger initial bond which means the crown is held in place more firmly during the clean-up procedure.


    • Faster initial set-time

    The improved formulation only needs 50-60 seconds (intraoral) to reach the gel-phase (material hardening), compared with the old formulation which required between 1 and 2 minutes before starting the clean-up procedure.  When the material was older, the gel-phase needed at least 2 minutes to start. The new material is more consistent batch to batch.

    For those using the Tack-Curing method to initiate the gel-phase, nothing has changed. (Tack-Cure margins for max. 10 seconds to start gel-phase).

    Please note: Total curing time still is 6 minutes from the start of mixing!


    • Stronger initial bond

    Due to the faster initial set-time, the new formulation establishes higher bond strength earlier in the cementation process, holding the crown more firmly in place during the clean-up procedure.  The final bond strength for both formulations is equal.


    • More consistent results

    The “recipe” of the new formulation is optimized to show more consistent results in terms of bond strength

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    Syringe Introductory Kit 

    5g syringes of shade Light, Medium, Dark

    Translucent and Opaque. 50 x mixing tips  

    669001   Order now
    Syringe Refills Light 2 x 5g syringes, 20 x mixing tips 669012 Order now
      Medium 2 x 5g syringes, 20 x mixing tips 669013 Order now
      Dark 2 x 5g syringes, 20 x mixing tips 669014 Order now
      Translucent 2 x 5g syringes, 20 x mixing tips   669015 Order now
      Opaque 2 x 5g syringes, 20 x mixing tips 669016 Order now