ChemFil Rock

    Glass ionomer restorative materials are used in a variety of indications where their specific clinical advantages make them the material of choice.  According to general practitioners, the advantages of glass ionomers (GI) include

    • the lack of need for an adhesive
    • bulk cavity filling
    • easy finishing.

    Dentists reach for glass ionomer restoratives more every year because of GI’s superior performance in pediatric, geriatric and many other cases.  However, in class II restorations the brittle nature of these materials has so far limited their use in permanent dentition to long-term provisional fillings.

    There is therefore a challenging demand for a glass ionomer material which combines the handling and application properties of today’s GI with higher resistance to bulk fracture.   ChemFil Rock’s new and unique formulation contains zinc-modified reactive glass fillers.  This promotes a simpler placement process, earlier toughness build-up and superior resistance to fractures.

     Features of ChemFil Rock

    • Resistance to fracture and wear.
    • Marginal seal in dentine and enamel comparable with composites.
    • Self-adhesive to enamel and dentine.
    • Releases fluoride.
    • Packable, non-sticky and sculptable consistency.
    • Bulk placement and bulk-cure setting.
    • High contrast to tooth substance through high opacity.
    • Effective capsule application with ergonomic applicator.
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    ChemFil Rock delivers superior fracture and wear resistance and up to 25% higher strength. 


    ChemFil® Rock 

     Ketac Molar

     Fuji IX GP

    29.4N load for 30sec (after 3h). extracted from study by Lach,R. (2009)

    Ketac Molar and Fuji IX GP are not registered trademarks of DENTSPLY. Ketac Molar is a registered trademark of 3M and Fuji IX GP is a registered trademark of GC Europe. 




    Save time and effort hand mixing your glass ionomer!  You can now make an easy switch from ChemFil Superior to our capsulated glass ionomer ChemFil Rock and benefit from a consistent mix every time.

    ChemFil Rock offers bulk placement and self-cure setting.  No cavity conditioning or surface coat are needed.

    Five easy application steps


    1. Activation    


    2. Mixing         


    3. Application 


    4. Setting      


    5. Finishing




    Sculpt immediately

    ChemFil Rock delivers a non-sticky, packable formula and sculptable consistency, plus fluoride release and good radiopacity. Unlike other GIs it sculpts immediately. 

     ChemFil Rock Competing GI


    Excellent internal adaptation to the cavity wall.

    ChemFil Rock  ChemFil Rock 


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    ChemFil Rock Intro Kit

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    40 x Capsules (ten each of A1, A2, A3, Contrast White),1 x Extruder 2, 1 x Illustrated Technique Guide


    ChemFil Rock Refill A1

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    50 x Capsules, 1 x Illustrated Technique Guide

    ChemFil Rock Refill A2

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    50 x Capsules, 1 x Illustrated Technique Guide

    ChemFil Rock Refill A3

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    50 x Capsules, 1 x Illustrated Technique Guide

    ChemFil Rock Refill A4-0

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    50 x Capsules, 1 x Illustrated Technique Guide

    Capsule Extruder 2

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    1 x Capsule Extruder 2


    Professor Trevor Burke of Birmingham Dental School conducted a PREP Panel evaluation for the NEW ChemFil Rock glass ionomer restorative from DENTSPLY from July 2011.

    73% (n=8) of the evaluators stated they were satisfied with ChemFil Rock. Eight (73%) evaluators also stated they would purchase the material if available at an average price and the same number would recommend ChemFil Rock to colleagues. Changes to set time, capsule redesign and shade alteration were suggested to further improve  the acceptability of the material.

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    ChemFil Rock study data

    The results from the in-vitro investigations by Frankeberger, Lach and Latter (2009) suggest higher strength, superior fracture and wear resistance of ChemFil Rock in class II restorations under occlusal load compared to currently available leading GI restorative brands. According to chewing simulation ChemFil Rock provides posterior restorations with at least 2 years of survival under simulated clinical conditions. Considering the principal advantages of GIs ChemFil Rock is a further step towards an easy, economic, and reliable basic restorative material especially for posterior teeth.

    Read more   Scientific Compendium

    Specialists in paediatric dentistry use glass ionomer on uncooperative patients

    During the IAPD (International Association of Paediatric Dentistry) congress in Athens last year, 230 international specialists in paediatric dentistry from 50 different countries took part in market research to evaluate material choice for direct restorations in different clinical situations. The research concluded where there is a high risk of contamination, 73% of respondents confirmed that they use glass ionomer and 12% use compomer.


    DENTSPLY’s glass ionomer ChemFil Rock is an ideal material when an adhesive procedure is not possible as it can be bulk filled, sculpted immediately and self cures without the need for conditioning or coating. For children with good moisture control DENTSPLY’s compomer restorative, Dyract Extra, is an ideal solution due to its continuous fluoride release resulting in long term caries preventive effect and its tooth coloured aesthetics.

    ChemFil Rock Dyract solution



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    "When amalgam is really banned in the future - what next? This free to view online presentation by Professor Roland Frankenberger discusses the aspect of real amalgam replacement and the advantages of a new glass ionomer."

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