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    Esthet.X has been well established worldwide in the universal composite market since 1999. Dentists choose Esthet.X because it combines the following features:

    * Excellent physical properties for long lasting restorations

    * Excellent aesthetic results due to the complete selection of shades and opacities

    * Excellent sculpting, non sticky handling of the composite


    Esthet.X HD - What is New?

    With the use of a new filler in the formulation, Esthet.X HD now provides both faster polishing and longevity of polish - an ideal combination to support dentists treating patients demanding superior aesthetic results.


    Esthet.X HD continues to be available in 31 shades in 3 different opacities, and maintains the known excellent physical properties. Polish - the visible aesthetic indicator - is faster and easier to achieve.



    Pack Details


    Esthet.X HD Compules Tip Complete Kit                                              Esthet.X HD Compules Tip Intro System Kit             

    Order Code: 630600                                                                           Order Code: 630601




    Esthet.X HD Syringe Intro Kit                                                                  Esthet.X HD Compule Refills 

    Order Code: 630714                                                                               Order Code: 630610 - 630640



    Esthet.X HD Syringe Refills                                                                    Esthet.X TruMatch Shade Guide                             

    Order Code: 630650 - 630680                                                              Order Code: 630603


    Click here for directions for use and material safety data sheets.

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