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    The WaveOne™ is a new endodontic system that uses reciprocating technology. This means that it will only shape the canal when pressure is applied, giving you that feeling of complete control. 


    •Only one NiTi instrument required per root canal procedure in most cases

    • Triangular cross section and reciprocation

    • M-Wire


    The combination of these features give you that feeling of complete control over costs, time taken, clinical outcomes, the comfort of your patients and the management of your inventory.




     “WaveOne™ will appeal to all colleagues, especially GDPs who are looking for a simplified method of Root canal preparation, with the well known advantages of NiTi endo files. Perfect canal shapes are achieved with just 1 single file… what more would you want?” Dr JULIAN WEBBER BDS MSc DGDP FICD Specialist in Endodontics


    Directions for use


     01- If a size 10 hand file is very resistant to movement use WaveOne™ Small 21:06  


     02- If a size 10 hand file easily moves to length use WaveOne™ Primary 25:08  


     03- If a size 20 hand file or larger goes to length use WaveOne™ Large 40:08







    The geometry of the WaveOne™, files and the WaveOne™ proprietary DENTSPLY M-Wire™ Nickel- Titanium technology are the main reasons for the superior performance* of the WaveOne™ file compared to standard NiTi files.


    DENTSPLY utilises an innovative thermal treatment process to create the M-Wire™ NiTi material. Its resulting characteristics provide overall flexibility and greater resistance to cyclic fatigue, the leading cause of file separation. In fact, the tougher the instrumenting challenge, like shaping severely curved to the apex, the more apparent the M-Wire™ NiTi’s advantages become.   




    The tooth presents symptoms of irreversible pulpitis and early apical periodontitis. Initial assessment is narrow and curved canals radiographically. The tooth has 4 canals. Access is made. All canals worked to length with 10 Kfile. WaveOne™ Primary (25 .08) is chosen. Length is reconfirmed with 10K File. WaveOne™ Primary to length in all 4 canals. Obturation with Warm Vertical Condensation using Calamus Dual. 



     Case study conducted by Dr. Julian Webber BDS MSc DGDP FICD


     For directions for use and material safety data sheets click here



    Dr Julian Webber online presentation

    "WaveOne sets new standards in endodontics by bringing simplicity, safety and efficiency to the root canal shaping procedure, using only one NiTi instrument per root canal. In this webinar you will learn about the development and first clinical experiences with the new system and how it makes your endodontic treatment procedures easier."

    Dr Sebastian Crudden has recently adopted use of WaveOne, and has been impressed with the results:
    “WaveOne has improved the speed of my root canal treatments greatly. Because I only need to use a single instrument instead of multiple files the filing technique and the obturation process has become far simpler. Two 45 minute appointments for hand filing can now be completed in a single appointment."


    Dr David End, from his practice in Manchester, says:
    “The system I used before was fantastic, but this is just on another level,” he says. “For speed and ease of use it is just amazing. It probably cuts down the time you spend by about half. It might not seem a huge amount, but it is probably saving me 15 minutes on my root canal treatments. Some of them I have done in 20 minutes.” Dr End is impressed with the WaveOne’s single file system and the convenience it offers, along with the indicator and audible warnings that allow him to exert greater force while using it.


    Dr Libby Marchant, Chipping Camden

    “I have now been using Dentsply WaveOne for the past few months. We used the K3 system beforehand and found RCT to be particularly stressful. Having changed to WaveOne we are getting on with root filling teeth very well. The single file system has made the whole process so much easier and now myself and my staff no longer dread root canal work...even on molars. The file system allows great access and removes an incredible amount of debris from the root canal system. I would highly recommend this system to any general practitioner.”

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