Calamus Dual



    What is the Calamus® Dual?  

    An obturation device for downpack and backfill for time saving and long lasting three dimensional obturation of root canals



    • Combined down pack and back fill unit with optimal Thermal Reponse Tip for convenience
    • Drop in GP cartridges minimise cleaning
    • Slim, ergonomic handpiece with an large operation angle for easy access making root canal entrances clearly visable
    • Vertical condensation technique for minimal risk of root fractures
    • Single patient GP cannulas to prevent cross infection
    • Easy control of heating temperature/flow rate
    • Filling material indicator for convenient montoring of remaining gutta percha
    • Flexible silver cannulas suitable for curved root canals
    • 20G and 23G cannulas for good adaptation to all root canals


    Pack Details:
     Item Code     Product Description    
    A130000000033     Calamus Dual UK
    A121000000000     Calamus GP Cartridges x 10 Pieces, 20G (0.8mm)
    A122000000000     Calamus GP Cartridge 10 Pieces, 23G (0.6mm)
    A111000000000     Calamus Heated Plugger Small ISO 40, taper .03 (black)
    A112000000000     Calamus Heated Plugger Medium ISO 50, taper .05
    A113000000000     Calamus Heated Plugger Large ISO 60, taper .06
    A115000000000     Calamus Thermal Response Tip
    A120600000000     Replacement Cartridge Nut
    A120700000000     Cartridge Needle Bending Tool
    A120800000000     Calamus Handpiece Cleaning Brush
    A120900000000     Calamus Handpiece Heat Shield  

    Contents of Calamus Dual Unit

    • 1 Calamus Dual device
    • 1 Electric Heated Plugger Small ISO 40 - taper .03
    • 1 blister of 10 GP Cartridges, 20 gauge (=0.8mm)
    • 1 blister of 10 GP Cartridges, 23 gauge (=0.6mm)