This revolutionary polishing system uses a 'one step technique' to create a high glass-like lustre finish on all restorations. PoGo™ can be used to polish all composites, microfills, flowables and micro hybrids, in one simple step!

    Key features and benefits include:

    • One step to a superb finish
    • Provides excellent lustre on any composite
    • Ease of use
    • The disc offers polishing without any messy pastes
    • Less time consuming than other polishing systems

    Please be advised that this product does not contain any hazardous chemicals and therefore, does not require a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

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    PoGo Refill              30 polishing discs                  Order now 662010Y

    PoGo Combo Refill (10 Cups, 10 Discs, 10 Points) Order now 662025Y

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