Lustra Carvers

    Many of our Lustra carvers are also available within the Lustra ZNR range, with a Zirconium Nitride "non-stick" coating for the perfect finish to composite restorations.



    Hollenbach Carver No 3

    Also available as Lustra ZNR

    Code 62004009



    Hollenbach Carver No 1/2 3

    Also available as Lustra ZNR

    Code 62004010



    Carver IPC

    Also available as Lustra ZNR

    Code 62004027


    Carver IPC-OA

    Code 62020012




    Osteo Carver No 4 (Mitchel Trimmer)

    Code 62004050




    Cleoid/Discoid 92/89

    Code 62004052


    Frahms Carver 90 

    Code 62004006




    Wards Carver No 1

    Code 62004023




    Wards Carver No 2

    Thin, flexible, opposed blades for simple handling and interproxinal shaping

    Code 62004025



    Le Crons Wax Carver

    Code 62004012



    Wax Spatula No 5

    Code 62017122




    Wax/Amalgam 5T Carver

    Code 62004026