Anaesthetic Syringes and Jenker Needle Guard

    Standard Aspirating 2.2ml Syringe

    Code 62413105

    Suitable for use with Standard 2.2ml Dental Cartridges




    Self-Aspirating 2.2ml Syringe

    Code 62413200

    Also known as an "Astra"-type syringe

    Suitable for use with Self-Aspirating 2.2ml Dental Cartridges





    Non-Aspirating 2.2ml Syringe

    Code 62415005







    Jenker Needle Guard

    Code 62499005

    The Ash Jenker is the ideal way to prevent needle stick injuries. Simply place the upturned needle guard in the Jenker and re-sheathing becomes a simple, one-handed procedure.

    The Jenker is stable enough to hold the complete syringe upright, thus preventing it from rolling loose on the worktop.

    The Jenker is fully autoclavable or can be sterilised by dry heat if desired.

    Directions for use 


    Health and Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013

    In March 2013, the Health and Safety Executive released new guidance to accompany the regulations for implementation of the EU Council Directive on Sharps. The guidance document provides information for healthcare employers and employees to help to understand their legal obligations under the Health and Safety Regulations 2013. 

    Download the guidance document