Ash Rubber Dam Accessories


    Ash's Rubber Dam Accessory range includes Rubber Dam Forceps and Punches made from the highest quality stainless steel, a Stainless Steel Sterilisation Tray and plastic and metal frames.


    There are 2 styles of Forceps available in the Ash range; Brewer Pattern Clamp (shown) Forceps and University of Washington Clamp Forceps.


    The Ash Rubber Dam Ainsworth Punch is available as a 5 hole punch, and we supply two single hole punches, large hole (1.93mm) and regular hole (1.63mm).


    The Ash Rubber Dam Sterilisation Tray has been designed to give the clinician an orderly storage system to reduce the risk of damage or loss during cleaning and sterilisation procedures. The tray is self-draining through two holes and can easily be moved from any sterilising unit with clamp forceps. The five pegs feature replaceable soft silicone sleeves onto which the clamps are placed without being under excessive tension. Either autoclaving or dry heat sterilisation (180°C cycle) may be employed.






    There are two Ash Rubber Dam Frames available, the traditional stainless steel type and the plastic type, which is an extremely lightweight, hinged frame and offers comfort for the patient.


    Product Codes

    62203020 University of Washington Clamp Forceps

    62203030 Brewer Pattern Clamp Forceps

    62410020 Ash Rubber Dam Punch, Regular (1.63mm) Hole

    62410021 Ash Rubber Dam Punch, Large (1.93mm) Hole

    62410001 Ainsworth Rubber Dam Punch (5 Hole)

    62499055 Rubber Dam Clamp Sterilisation Tray

    62499056 Assorted Silicone Sleeve Pack of 5 (replacement sleeves for Sterilisation Tray)

    62499057 Young's Style Stainless Steel Rubber Dam Frame

    62499059 Plastic Rubber Dam frame

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