Flexichange ZNR Non-Stick Instruments

    The Flexichange ZNR range combines the flexibility of the popular Flexichange silicone handle and changeable ends, with the durability of DENTSPLY's ZNR Zirconium Nitride "non-stick" coating. The coating is super-thin, so it does not alter the size of the instrument head. the coating is also suitable for cleaning in ultrasonic baths, and is highly resistant to scratching, so it will stay non-stick. Perfect for a great finish to composite restorations.




    ZNR Plastic 1

    For packing composite resin into a cavity, with one "duck-head" end

    Whole Instrument Code 61974547

    Point A Code 61974548

    Point B Code 61974549

    ZNR Plastic 2

    Useful for shaping occlusal surfaces on smaller restorations

    Whole Instrument Code 61974557

    Point A Code 61974558

    Point B Code 61974559 

    ZNR Plastic 6

    Long, stiff , opposed blades for labial surfaces of anterior restorations

    Whole Instrument Code 61974617

    Point A Code 61974618

    Point B Code 61974619

    ZNR Plastic S6

    Spatula-shaped instrument, but with much smaller, stiffer blades for shaping

    Whole Instrument Code 61974507

    Point A Code 61974508

    Point B Code 61974509

    ZNR Plastic 18

    For composite packing and contouring matrix bands

    Whole Instrument Code 61974517

    Point A Code 61974518

    Point B Code 61974519

    ZNR Plastic 49

    For composite packing and contouring 

    Whole Instrument Code 61974527

    Point A Code 61974528

    Point B Code 61974529

    ZNR Plastic 153SM 

    Effective packing instrument with smooth ends

    Whole Instrument Code 61974537

    Point A Code 61974538

    Point B Code 61974539

    ZNR Plastic 179

    Conical paddle ends, useful for all restorations and placing gingival retraction cord

    Whole Instrument Code 61974567

    Point A Code 61974568

    Point B Code 61974569

    ZNR Carver IPC

    Thin, flexible, opposed blades for simple handling and interproxinal shaping

    Whole Instrument Code 61974657

    Point A Code 61974658

    Point B Code 61974659

    ZNR Hollenbach 1/2 3

    Good for composite shaping

    Whole Instrument Code 61974667

    Point A Code 61974668

    Point B Code 61974669

    ZNR Hollenbach 3S

    Similar to the Hollenbach 1/2 3, but with a larger blade

    Whole Instrument Code 61974677

    Point A Code 61974678

    Point B Code 61974679

    ZNR Plastic 8A

    Small flat plastic for smaller restorations

    Whole Instrument Code 61974687

    Point A Code 61974688

    Point B Code 61974689

    ZNR Composite 2

    Universal instrument with a flexible blade and a conical tip for shaping larger occlusal surface

    Whole Instrument Code 61974697

    Point A Code 61974698

    Point B Code 61974699

    ZNR Composite 3

    Flexible, opposed tips for composite adaptation and access to buccal cavities on upper molars

    Whole Instrument Code 61974707

    Point A Code 61974708

    Point B Code 61974709

    ZNR Composite 4

    Long, flexible off-set angle blades for contouring

    Whole Instrument Code 61974717

    Point A Code 61974718

    Point B Code 61974719


    ZNR Plastic W3

    Rigid medium-sized blade and a small tip for universal placement, layering and contouring 

    Whole Instrument Code 61974727

    Point A Code 61974728

    Point B Code 61974729